Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modem Tutorial : Modem Anda Bermasalah?

Modem Troubleshooter

For Microsoft Windows XP

modem nexian troubleshooterMasalah pada produk modem :

Modem Error messages:
* The protocol is not configured.
* A dial-up connection could not be established.
* You cannot connect to the Internet.
* Windows XP does not detect your modem.

Help and Support :

I. Coba perbaiki via online test
Start the Modem Troubleshooter automatically from the site. To access the Troubleshooter, visit:
1. Click Start, and then click Help and Support.
2. Under Pick a Help Topic, click Fixing a problem.
3. In the left pane, click Networking problems.
4. In the right pane, click Modem Troubleshooter.
II. Using Modem Troubleshooter
1. Click the option that describes the problem that is occurring, and then click Next.
2. Repeat step 1 until your problem is resolved or you have reached the end of the troubleshooting path.

Tutorial Modem Instalation : Cara instal modem product samsung instinct, Blackberry modem sbg modem pada windows VIST.

Modem product
reviews : Motorola DSL modem

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

MODEM NEXIAN - NX - Nexian modemku

Modem Nexian

Modem Nexianku - Next Generation Mobile Phone

Modem Nexian - nx - Nexian can connect you to the internet. Modem nexian can be a fast internet connection from your nexian handset mobile phone or nexian handphone. Find out modem nexian informations and instalation.

Nikmati koneksi internet cepat dari modem Nexian anda.

Modem Nexian accessories for best and faster internet connection.

modem nexian nx nexian-ku

Nexian NX RE-251
Modem Nexian Internet Connection

baca info lengkap tentang Modem nexian NX RE-251..

You can connect to the internet with your modem nexian handphone. Modem nexian is in your hand. Your nexian handphone can be a modem in case to using your handset to connect to the internet.

Ingin tau cara men-set modem nexian untuk handphone nexian anda?
Sesuaikan tipe cellphone nexian anda dan temukan infonya di blog MODEM NEXIAN-ku ini.

Modem Nexian - Download Driver Modem Nexian - Nexian-ku